President Message

I on behalf of The Institute of Certified General Accountants of Bangladesh, and on behalf of my colleagues in the national council, I welcome all well-wishers to our beloved Institute.

Since its foundation in 2001, ICGAB dedicated its effort to create human resources in the arena of Professional Accounting. As a leading certified general accounting body, the ICGAB council believes that it is vitally important to understand what is acceptable in job market and what is not. Also, we need to understand what kind of education is necessary for building a better nation and world.

Over the last 18 years the Institute has played a vital role in promoting accounting with a view to develop, promote and regulate the profession of general accountants, impart training and education. The vision of this Institute is to be a world class Accounting Body. To reach such a demanding vision, the present Council, consists of a multidisciplinary professional working in various educational, professional and corporate sectors are working to their best.

We have tried to infuse the essentials of true professional accountant into our students & members. The members of the Institute are engaged in business, professions and in services. Our members are now spread in national and global corners contributing to the development and well being of the society and world at large.

I wish all the professional accountants great success in life.

CGA Mr. Zahirul Kium



ICGA Bangladesh